As a company who performs land services for a range of clientele, ERS understands that our services may be the key component to any of your land or civil needs. Although terrain may be unpredictable, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with safe solutions, reasonable prices, and quality performance. Our record of success expands throughout the southeastern United States. We maintain a wide variety of equipment and experienced personnel needed to complete large and small projects. 

Our Services include:



· Commercial Mowing & Trimming 
· Heavy Mowing
· Underbrush Removal
· Bush Grinding
· Clearing & Grubbing 
· Tree Removal
· Pond Clearing 
· Heavy Debris Removal 
· Vegetation Spraying
· Erosion Control Systems  


· Site Work and Underground Utilities
· Hydrology Restoration
· Shoreline Restoration

· Pond & Ditch Excavation 
· Check Dam installation
· Sheet Piling & Excavation 
· Weir Installation & Removal
· Cut & Filling
· Landfill Caps
· Excavation & Grading