ERS is committed to providing the safest and most efficient waste management services to you. Some of the services we provide include Laboratory Lab Packaging, which ensures your waste is properly characterized, labeled, and packed for shipment. In the event that your waste requires sampling, we can provide that service for you as well, at a cost that is friendly to your budget. We possess highly qualified personnel that are routinely trained in sampling and characterization. ERS also provides profiling service for your waste to a State certified waste facility and have the ability and equipment to transport your Hazardous or Non Hazardous waste to a licensed designated facility that has approved your waste for disposal.

Our Services Include:


Waste Characterization

· Sampling and Testing of Solid and Liquid Waste Streams
· Profiling to Approved Disposal or Reclamation Facility

Waste Handling ( Hazardous and Non– Hazardous)

· Waste Packing / Lab packing
· Bulk Transportation of Solid and Liquid Wastes
· Labeling, Handling and Transportation of Drum Quantities
· Interstate Transportation of Hazardous Wastes
· Transportation to Approved Disposal or Reclamation Facility
· Transportation Incident Contingency Planning

Industrial Wastes

· Sampling and Testing
· Transportation of Bulk and Drum Quantities
· Waste Oil / Used oil
· Reclamation and Recycling Services
· Proper Disposal